We dig around inside Natasha’s model handbag…

So what does a model keep in her handbag….


Below Natasha shares with us, all the goodies she keeps in her Fiorelli bag
that she carries around with her whilst she’s working here in London…


The Bag…

My bag was a gift for Valentine’s Day from my boyfriend. We aren’t normally into special occasions
but this year I had the idea to buy him trainers so… In return there was a trusty new Fiorella handbag
for me, voila! I cannot live with a small bag – I like knowing I can throw lots of things in to my bag (even
my book & heels for castings). This paticular handbag has lots of hidden zips and pockets and even an
inside bag if needed, plus a small purse too! I love a bag with many compartments, it makes my
jumbled life-in-a-bag seem more organised!

It’s Contents…

Elnett by L’Oreal Hairspray
A new essential of mine. I only bought this last week when I figured I should probably own hairspray if
I want my hair to look tip top for castings. The wonderful assistant in Boots helped me choose (I’m fairly
indecisive when it comes to small things in life – with my ambitions & goals I’m pretty certain though).

I got these a couple of years ago from Topshop, one of their last pairs. I own Raybans but find these
are perfect for holding your hair back and they add a bit of fun to an outfit – I love the clear frame.

Coral Lipstick
It’s always good to have an option to add a bit of colour to your outfits. Especially since I don’t wear
very much make up – normally just mascara & blusher. I look after my skin through my nutrition. It’s
not too bright either so can be worn for day and night time.

Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Spray
My boyfriends mum first bought me this last Summer on our way to Israel, I love it! I prefer it to any
perfume because it lasts longer & the bottle also lasts forever. It’s so good to have on the go, people
say this smell reminds me of them now. Nothing wrong with smelling like tropical summer right?

Gold Purse
So I’m 100% sure this isn’t supposed to be a purse but when you have LOTS of cards, it’s the only
option. I love a good bit of sparkle too.

Ice Cream Notebook
I bought this 2 weeks ago in Tiger at Spitalfields, (Liverpool St, London) and I love getting it out in cafes
and meetings. It’s so outrageous, which is why I bought it. I can’t go anywhere without a trusty notebook.

Victoria’s Secret Lipbalm
I actually prefer Carmex as my chosen lip balm cause it’s super soothing but this one is also good to
have to mix things up a little & add a bit of flavour in your life.

The Alchemist
Best book I’ve ever read. I’m only half way through and I can already say that! People keep telling me
this book’s going to change my life and I feel like it already is. I love diving in to this on the tube and just
escaping within. I look forward to the no signal zones (especially since I’m so attached to my phone
normally – which isn’t an issue, but it helps me appreciate reading more). This book has so many amazing
subliminal messages that relate to the world we live in (in layman terms, its a fictional tale on how to
follow your dreams). I love reading personal growth and self development books, you should always
be expanding your knowledge and learning more about yourself, it’s the biggest lesson to learn in life.

The Outfit…

Necklace – My Granmas
Watch – Withings Activitie Pop Fitness Watch
Top – Topshop
Culottes – Urban Outfitters
Boots – ASOS
Jewellery – From Morrocco, Italy and Israel.

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