Click on this adorable face to read about Hugo Boss, Yasmin’s Weimaraner…

This month’s ‘Pet of the Month’ award goes to Yasmin’s Weimaraner dog called Hugo Boss.
Read more about this little darling below…


Meet Hugo Boss Baildon, my family dog. He is nearly 2 years old now and is an absolute terror,
but boy is he cute.


He has a funny personality, he’s very soft and loving but is also full of energy. He can go from zero
to one hundred percent crazy in 10 seconds.


It’s hard to get angry at him, even when he eats a hole in the sofa or climbs up on to the kitchen
work top and eats all of your dinner (that mum had spent the last 2 hours preparing).


When I go back up to Queensland where my parents live he sleeps with me in my queen bed and
loves to be big spoon… Safe to say this Weimaraner is living the high life.


When they say a dog is a mans best friend I would have to agree.

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