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Hannah, explain your relationship with music…


‘I love music!’


I think it can really relate to how you’re feeling, whether it’s a happy song
that you put on to get you pumped for your day, or on the other hand if you are down
and listening to an sadly emotional song (let’s be honest, everyone has acted like they
are in a music video before, looking out the car window lip syncing ‘Adele-Hello’).

I mainly listen to music through my headphones as I’m always on the go, on my way to
castings in the gym etc. But I also love to listen to music out loud whilst getting ready, I
don’t know what it is about getting ready with music on in the background. It’s just a lot
better than silence. Also before a night out, whilst getting ready with your girlfriends,
music is a must!

I mostly prefer to listen to Hip hop R&B, I’m like the least girlie girl ever, haha. But
occasionally I listen to something and I’m like ‘OMG’ what it this? So I Shazam it, then
overplay it 20 times over and over. I’ve been to a few gigs beofre… My first being Mcfly
and Pink when I was younger. To then growing up and seeing J Cole and Chance the
rapper just last year. And of course I alwasy support my brother ‘Joe Conaboy‘ – the
greatest musician around. Just having a little shout out there, thank me later bro!

Mmmmm my favourite songs of the moment are…

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