Teen Vogue, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed on how Nicky Libert became a model…

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In today’s feel-good news, social media has officially taken a young Dutch man from
construction worker to full-blown male model. Photographer and stylist Danika Magdelena
posted a picture of Nicky Libert to her Instagram feed, having stopped him on the street in
Amsterdam while he was doing construction work. She captioned the photo: “So I randomly
stopped this construction worker in Amsterdam and asked him for a photo because he
was beautiful. #someonesignhim.” And so it began…

– Teen Vogue.


‘Finally, an eagle-eyed Twitter user spotted Libert’s Instagram and revealed the 26 year
old’s identity. Fans then began to stop Libert for photos in the street and he gained 30,000
new Instagram followers in a week.’

Huffington Post.


Soon after Libert’s photo was shared online, the internet started falling in love with him.



Visit Nicky’s online portfolio & Instagram.