Influencer Zoe Peonica reviews her experience at The Original Mayr Clinic in Austria.

Enjoy an extract taken from Leni’s Influencer, Zoe Peonica’s first blog post for Hello Magazine…


There is nothing better than a holiday where you come back feeling refreshed and
rejuvenated. Sadly, how often does that actually happen? More often than not you actually
need another holiday to get over the holiday!

But not at the Mayr Clinic – there you will come back feeling like a newborn baby after a
few gruelling days. I can, hand on my heart, say that the Original Mayr Clinic is one of the best
for being the home of the ‘unflinching detox’ – yippee…


As soon as you arrive you are given your timetable which starts at 7am with brisk forest
walks and all day treatments of massages, detox baths and daily check-ups with your doctor,
before ending with a nightly nutrition lecture at 8pm. Below shows the epsom salt bath which
helps draw out toxins. Soothing and relaxing! Easy to recreate at home.


The Mayr cure is all about cleansing the stomach by eating an alkaline diet. Tiny portions
are on the menu. Learning to chew 30 times every mouthful is a strict Mayr rule. Every guest
sees the doctor on arrival, who tests their blood and reviews any medical conditions in order
to devise their bespoke and customised Mayr cure plan.

I was put on a 400 calorie diet, due to my upcoming wedding! It was brutal for the first two
days, but the bounce you woke up with after surviving the first 48 hours was incredible. Even
with the wedding incentive factor, 400 calories sounded a bit daunting but it proved amazing.

Here is a typical snapshot of my daily food intake at the clinic, starting off with a breakfast
of natural yogurt, homemade buckwheat bread and locally light smoked salmon with dill.


To continue on and find out Zoe’s more precise diet plan and how she found the rest
of the week click here.
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