Zoe celebrates 2016 by looking back at her best…

Zoe celebrates 2016 by looking back at her best…


It’s gonna have to be this beautiful wedding dress. I was lucky enough to be able to
dress up as a bride all day long, what more could a girl want?! This amazing gown is
from the Jessica Bennett Bespoke collection. All of her dresses are so dreamy!


I’ve visited 2 waterfalls in my life. The first was in Slovenia and came from glacier
waters, but I obviously still had a swim in it. Safe to say this one in Bali was slightly
warmer! This is a huge stand out moment for me in 2016. I travelled around Indonesia
over the summer and was fortunate enough to see these natural wonders of the
world with my best friend.


My HOUSEMATES! I loveeee my housemates with all my heart – they’re the best
girlfriends anyone could wish for. We’re all in our final year (cry) at Leeds University
and our favourite things to do are dance in the Revs RnB room and drink prosecco.


Jake Hateley is a camera wizard, he took this headshot on top of a car park roof top whilst
it was chucking it down with rain and he still manged to make it look glam. I love this photo.

Job Team

It’s gotta be photographer Emma Pilkington. We’ve shot together a couple of times this
year and I’m always amazed by her work. Trust me, she can make ANYTHING look good!
We did the Wicker Wings campaign together and also the Jessica Bennett Bespoke
bridal shoot.

New Person

I met my boyfriend this year and he’s pretty cool if I may say so myself.


This was at my friends 21st in Newcastle. This was my first time ever to Newcastle, or
even that far north! It lived up to all expectations. And it was as cold as I thought it would
be (why did I wear a skirt?). AND the fish and chips on the sea front were amazing.
I will definitely be returning.


I had the best pancakes of my year in Ibiza. The picture talks for itself. It was a great
experience all in all, but I couldn’t finish them which I’m now regretting as I write this…


Me and a few other models were lucky enough to appear in Zayn Malik’s music
video ‘Be Four’. We didn’t even know who we were shooting for when we turned up
so you can imagine the excitement when we found out it was Zayn. It was a long
day shooting all over Manchester outside in the cold but it was well worth it.

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