Below Rosemarie shares all the goodies that she keeps in the No. 9 Copenhagen
bag that she carries around with her whilst she’s staying here in London…


Marc by Marc Jacobs Wallet
I carry my credit card, cash and medical card in this. Plus a whole lot of coins…

Cannon Camera
I use this camera for filming mostly. You experience so much while running around
the city and sometimes I like to just stop and catch the atmosphere of it all.

I think it’s so important to carry around something to eat. Sometimes there is just not
enough time to sit down and have a proper lunch between castings, so I always keep
snacks in my bag that I can eat on the go. Usually something a bit more festive than
an apple.

Pocket Mirror and Brush from Tiger
So I can fix my hair and check if I have anything in my teeth!

L’Oréal Paris Triple Active Sensitive Moisturiser
To keep my skin feeling fresh throughout the day – especially at this time of year
when the cold air really dries out my skin.

Contact Lenses
My sight is nothing to brag about so in case my lenses fall out during the day I
always keep a spare pair in my bag.

Eyelash Curler
I rarely use mascara but I am a big fan of curling my lashes. I’m not sure if it’s
just an illusion but I can definitely tell a difference.

You never know what to expect with the London weather and this umbrella
fits perfectly in my bag.

Korres Lip Butter
Whenever my lips get dry I whip on some of this. It has a subtle tint and it
smells incredible.

Concealer from Mac
This is the only make up I use on the weekdays and it really is essential – I use it
for dark circles under my eyes and the pimples that come to visit my skin every
once in a while.

Nike Sneakers
Last but definitely not least, my sneakers. High heeled boots are not made for
walking, so when I walk around between castings I put the boots in the bag
and put these on instead.

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