Find out how Leni’s model, Sandra, got into BOOM cycling and how she balances the two roles……

Leni’s model Sandra is now another member of the Holborn BOOM cycle team.
Read this article below taken from the BOOM cycle blog about what motivated her
in to becoming an instructor…


Coming from a creative and modelling background, I’ve always needed to keep
my mind and body healthy. Because of this, I’ve always been on the hunt to find
new and fun ways to stay active. Also, as a freelancer, I kind of lead a life of
organized chaos. Not knowing when my next modeling job is can sometimes be
stressful, so the fitness side of my life is something that has kept me sane.
Fitness has always been one of the consistent parts of my lifestyle.


Before I discovered BOOM Cycle, I got to the stage where I was simply bored
with my workouts. I started to lack motivation for this important part of my life
because my workout routines were all the same. I believe, as we get older we
can sometimes lose our focus, and ourselves in society and you forget to give
yourself credit. This is where boom cycle came in for me-it gave me a push
into the right direction and it has such a relaxed, non-judgmental environment
where you can just be yourself. It brought out my inner child/badass character
and just brought back the fun & sass. I actually felt proud every time I finished
a class. Soon after I started BOOM Cycle, I was interested in finding out what
it took to become and instructor.

Another reason why I was interested in becoming an instructor was the fact
that I felt amazing physically after every class. It was definitely a feeling that I
didn’t want to keep to myself. I want to be able to spread positive energy and
strive to motivate people the same way that I was when
I went to my first class…

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