You say Thursday, we say Friday evening! Start the weekend early with Veronika’s model mix…

Watch her boogie, read about her music taste and have a listen to Veronika’s playlist below…

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a music nerd or anything like that but I do really enjoy it, especially
because my boyfriend is music obsessed. A lot of the stuff I like is actually because of him (thanks
Jan ❤️). We used go to a lot of music gigs together in places such as Corsica Studios or Plastic
People, which sadly closed down about a year ago. I listen to pretty much everything, but I do
especially like house music and R&B. Apart from the more niche stuff, I do have a lot of guilty
pleasures (i.e the Bieber song you will hear). In the playlist below you’ll see both some old and
new stuff that I enjoy, I hope you’ll like it as much as I do!


Thank you Veronika!