TJ gives us his ultimate playlist, guaranteed to get your toes tapping…

With his style radiating effortlessly cool, his music taste isn’t much different. We asked
our lovely TJ to give us his ultimate playlist, guaranteed to get your toes tapping. He gives
us the low down on what makes each song sensational with an added pleasure of his
very own track.


‘This is the hardest question I have ever been asked, ever. If you know me you would
that music has a big role in my life. I guess if I had to list my top ten songs of all time
it would have to go…

#10 – White Ferrari – Frank ocean, this one is self explanatory from the passion filled
lyrics to the God like harmonies – honestly a song I could have on repeat all day!

#9 – Off On Your Own (Girl) – Al B. Sure! – this funky chorus brings me life, and also
one of the reasons I discovered that the 80’s had the best music ever.

#8 – 715 CREEKS – Bon Iver, this song seriously gives me the chills. The whole
album was beautiful but this song stood out because of the passion in his voice that
seemed its way through the auto tune.

#7 – Roses – Kanye West, if you know me you will know I’m the BIGGEST Kanye fan
of all time! This song about his dying grandmother is !

#6 – Rigamortus – Kendrick Lamar, this is the most genius song ever. Period, haha.

#5 – La Vie En Rose – Louis Armstrong, wow, this is like the worst playlist ever, but
I am really just into anything. No words are needed for this beautiful symphony.

#4 – On Sight – Kanye West, this is like the least digestible song on the list but the
instrumental is pure genius… and it’s loud, very loud!

#3 – Saviour – Kru Tribe, and no it’s not awkward because this is my own song but
rather inspirational in fact haha!

#2 – Maggot Brain (Alternate Mix) – Funkadelic, this song is a guitarists dream, the
most beautiful guitar you will ever hear in your life and the best part is that the song
is 10 minutes long!

#1 – Woods – Bon Iver, with this being his second appearance in this list you can tell
the the auto tuned god has done it with the best harmonies I have ever heard in my
life. Period.

Hopefully you know me a little better by knowing my top ten songs of all time!’

Below we’ve compiled TJ’s top picks into a spotify playlist – for you to enjoy
right away.. with the added pleasure of TJ’s very own song!

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