4 jacket styles our models are wearing this season…

Ella’s Little Black Military Jacket.


‘The thing I love most about Autumnal styling is the different looks you can achieve quickly
and easily that still look absolutely fabulous. My black jacket is from Mango. I saw Cara
Delevingne wearing it recently and just fell in love. It’s from the new collection and is
called “army jacket”.’


Mia’s Vintage Aviator.

‘I feel a little bit like a Eskimo in this jacket, haha. That’s why I love it though, it keeps me
warm in London’s cold weather.’


Magdalena’s Faux Fur Jacket.


‘I wore this jacket whilst on a break at an editorial for Aeroflot because I was so cold. It was from
Nafa Furs and was probably the warmest, softest coat ever made. You cant tell from the photo,
but this faux fur coat had some gorgeous red and burgundy highlights in it.’


Lina’s Collarless Black Coat.

‘I love very simple looking outfits that you wear and they don’t wear you. I found this coat in Zara
a couple of years ago and just cant let it go because it’s so easy, I can dress it up with almost
everything. Style is more about the assembling anyway.’


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