Paulina shares with us her stories from her latest Saturday spent in London…

Hi, I’m Paulina and I’m from Germany. I arrived in London two weeks ago and I’m so in
love with this city. Today I’m going to show you what I get up to at the weekend, when
I have no castings or jobs.

I always start my day with a lemon water…

…It’s so healthy for your body and it makes you feel so fresh.

Last weekend, after my super healthy lemon water, I went running because the weather was
so beautiful (for a change) and I love to be out in the fresh air.

For breakfast I had a really delicious muesli with Sojajoghurt and fresh fruits that I
bought at the local market.



After this I met Celest, a girl I met on a test photo shoot last Sunday. We went to Oxford street
as there are so many stores there that I don’t have in Germany so I was really excited. Firstly
we stopped at the juice box to grab an energising/delicious carrot, pineapple and lemon juice.


With juices in hand, we then explored the streets/shops, making the most of the local
Starbucks and perfume sections in department stores…


 I bought a really nice black jumpsuit from Sandro so naturally I HAD to change in to it and
get to the nearest bar! Celest knew a really good one…

On route to the bar we realised it was also time for some food. We found a stall selling this
delicious mixture of fried sweet potatoes, falafel and hummus. What a yummy snack!


Later on, we finally reached the really cool bar, called ‘Boundary’. I had a pink grapefruit
cocktail which was really refreshing and tasted SO good and enjoyed the evening air.

blog_9 (2)

So that was my Saturday! It is super cool exploring the streets of London especially with
such a nice person like Celest. Thank you to her for taking all of these pictures too!

See you soon, Paulina x