Lulu takes on ANOTHER exclusive backstage trip…

Lulu takes us on an exclusive backstage trip. This time she’s shooting with Eylure…


Another backstage video! This time, I was lucky enough to be shooting for 3 days with
the lovely team at Eyelure. It was so cool to have my whole head curled and proper glam
makeup as I never really have the time to do it for myself so was nice to see a very
different version of me!

The first couple of days we were shooting in a really cool house with mad decor.
Between takes I would play with the really fluffy puppies the owner had on set and an
adorable baby-so much cuteness! It was all about a group of girls having fun going
out to party which is always a bonus.

The final day we went round to London landmarks and were shot goofing around
in front of them (dream). Of course it was super cold so we had jackets at the ready
between shots.

Thanks for having me Eylure!

Lulu x