Lulu shares some exclusive footage from life backstage at Boohoo…

So Lulu what’s life like backstage at Boohoo?


‘Well, my day starts at 5am with the lovely lot at Boohoo! I make sure to have a small
breakfast before I leave as when I arrive in Manchester for 9 – I’m usually hungry again
and have a second breakfast/smoothie in the studios canteen.

I’ll sip my smoothie while having hair and makeup done to freshen me up from my snooze
on the train. We’ll shoot until lunch then break with everybody else (usually there is around 5
other teams in the studios but sometimes there can be much more!).

After a few touchups, it’s back in the studio until the end of the day. This particular day
was full of bomber jackets, cardigans and cute dresses. It’s a long day but super fun with
a lovely bunch of people!

Having read about life at Boohoo, enjoy my personal video montage below…


Until next time!

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