Click in to enjoy Alexis’ stories and footage from her shoot with The Sports Edit…

Shooting with The Sports Edit team was loads of fun. The energy in the studio was
‘through the roof’. We spent the whole day jamming out to Missy Elliott and other rap
music. The music choice on a shoot is really helpful when it comes to the image that
you are trying to create whilst shooting. We shot workout clothes, which is one of my
favourite things to buy… I’m put my hands up and admit, I am ‘THAT’ girl who likes to
dress cute for the gym. It motivates me to workout harder – so I tell myself anyway.

Towards the end of the shoot, we did a braided hairstyle – I felt like a total bad***!
If only I could do my own hair like that, I didn’t want to take it out. The whole team
was wonderful, it didn’t feel like work at times. That is the recipe for both a happy
client and a happy model…

Scroll down to see some backstage footage from my day.