Shannon shares all of her travel tales from her recent euro trip…

The European travel diaries of Shannon Lawson


I’ve just returned from 3 weeks of travel. My adventures took me to Florence, Bucine,
Porto Venere, Slovenia, Northern Italy, Barcelona and Mallorca. I absolutely love Italy and
I’ve been to Florence a few times but always find something new to do/try. This trip I had my
weight in Gelato and finally reached the top of the viewpoint at Piazza Michelangelo…


Bucine was a new spot for me. I got to stay at this beautiful remote villa with this stunning
pool (see below). Its hear I learnt that one olive tree makes one bottle of olive oil…


In Porto Venere I stayed on a boat for 3 nights. Pierro was our captain and he made
us feel right at home. He cooked us traditional Italian meals on a tiny boat grill. It was
fantastic and very impressive!

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I had never heard of Slovenia before this trip but I was overwhelmed by how beautiful
it was. We stayed around Lake Bled where the water iss freezing cold but also a stunning
crystal blue colour. The food was cheap and included a lot of the international cuisines, I
loved the fish. Lake Bled was like a giant summer camp where you can do anything from
white water rafting to archery. I really enjoyed hiking and taking in my surroundings. I felt
so small walking in fields that went on for miles…


Northern Italy involved a lot of driving and very little Wi-Fi signal in the mountains. We
went to small remote gorges only locals new about. I saw myself doing things I thought
I would never do like jumping of cliffs into water that was so clear you could see all the
rocks on the bottom. At one point there was a bush snake in the water and like any girl,
I started racing out of the water screaming…


Next we were off to Barcelona and Mallorca, sadly this meant it was almost the end of
my trip. When living in London you definitely appreciate the sun a lot more. I took most of
this time to lay by the pool or on the beach. My Bikini was pretty much my holiday uniform.
Most nights I was out with friends wining and dining at small tapas bars or big dinners. I
was so fortunate to celebrate my birthday at a wedding in Valldemossa (Mallorca) it was
by far the most beautiful and scenic wedding I have ever attended.


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