Click in to read about Lisa Marlier’s little sweetheart, Levi Jenkins…


The Leni’s ‘Pet of the Month’ goes to Lisa Marlier’s dog Levi Jenkins…

‘I adopted Levi Jenkins when he was 4 weeks old after his liter was found left in a box when. He was
only 9 days old. Levi is a street mutt, his mum is a Jack Russell and his dad is some sort of pit mix.

Ihave had dogs my whole life but Levi is by far the smartest and sweetest dog I have ever owned.
Sometimes he’s too smart for his own good! He loves other animals and people so much he wants to
be everyone’s friend. He is well behaved and knows how to sit, stay, come, lay down and of course
high five. He has also mastered “go to time out”… So maybe he’s not as well behaved as I say!

He loves playing with his toys even though he destroys them all and he loves going on runs or hikes.
During the day he is full of energy and quite the talker but at night he is the biggest bed hog.
Levi is the coolest dog ever and I’m not biased at all. It’s a fact.’

Lisa Marlier