‘When a shoot involves punching your mate in the face.’

Sid and Zoe worked on a photo shoot the other day that involved punching each
other in the face! Below Zoe describes the day…


We arrived early in the morning at the stylists house to get going with hair and make up.
The look they were going for make up wise was quite dewy. We also were given a messy
hair style as it was a sporty concept and they wanted it to look as though we had been
working out.


After we were all ready we headed to the gym in Camden where we were taught a few
basic boxing moves as we were both slightly clueless about how to box… There were a
few guys around though who we tried to imitate! It took us some time to figure it out as we
couldn’t stop laughing at each other’s awful boxing moves but eventually we got there.


The photographer, Oda, mixed the shoot up with video and still shots. The video shoots
involved a lot of movement and actual physical boxing whereas with the still shots were
slightly more posed. We went through 3 different outfit changes each. They were really
beautiful and elegant looks (which maybe contraficted the boxing ring setting slightly – but
that’s what made the shoot so interesting). There were a lot of nude shades and white
which really stood out in the red ring and also a lot of lacey materials which moved
really nicely when we were mid-action!


Despite hurting each other various times by misjudging our punches, all in all it was a
really funny and successful shoot! We can’t wait to see the end results.

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