Last night Mbox London hosted a special boxing class for some of our lucky Leni’s models…

Massive thanks to Mbox London for last night’s boxing class, organised by our fabulous
nutritionist Phoebe Wynn Jones. The girls absolutely loved it! Below Phoebe talks about the
health benefits of boxing and models Kate and Emily answer a few related questions…


1. What did you like about the class?

Emily : I loved the incorporation of circuit training. It meant we had a great mixture of
learning / practicing skill as well as a proper high intensity work out.

Kate : I really enjoyed how the boxing class was circuit training. Every few minutes or
so we all switched to a new drill so I never felt bored with the workout. I also loved
that it was a total body workout and made me feel great when the class was over.

2. Have you boxed before, if so what do you enjoy about it?

Emily : Yes I box quite regularly. Boxing is the best for strength as well as cardio fitness
– A 10km run is a walk in the park compared to a few rounds! I love how it is a mental game
too, there is so much to think about in terms of positioning and combinations as well as
using every muscle in your body. Mickey is a great coach!

Kate : I had never boxed before but always wanted to try it. I really enjoyed it and it felt
really freeing to punch your hardest into a punching bag. I definitely would try it again.



Phoebe talks boxing…


First it was Yoga, then it was Spinning; endorsed by celebrities Gigi Hadid, Gwen
Stefani and Cara Delevingne as the ultimate workout, Boxing is the newest craze to add
to your fitness repertoire, and one of the most effective ways to get into amazing shape!

Since Nicola Adam’s 2012 Olympic Gold, what was once a heavily male-dominated
sport is now seen as not just accessible to women, but one of the most popular and
effectual routes to sculpt a lean, toned, and functional body.

Last night two of our models went to try seasoned boxing coach Mickey Cunningham’s
gruelling, high energy session at MBOX London. Slightly off the beaten track and buried in
the arches of Forest Gate, MBOX has all the authenticity and charm of an old-school East
London boxing gym, running imaginative classes that test endurance, advance your
technique and challenge your fitness to the limit. But about boxing is quite so great?

Throwing a punch doesn’t just require arm strength; the power for your punches is
initiated from an explosive hip turn, using your abs and lower back, channelling through
your arms and shoulders to strike. Combine the challenging footwork and consistent
repetitive motions, boxing training can add significant toning and definition to muscles
throughout your entire body.

A traditional boxing session that includes rounds of bag and pad work at a fast
tempo is (in simpler terms) a sport-specific high-intensity workout. Short 2-5min rounds
of intensive movement make it impossible to hold onto any last ounce of pesky body fat,
burning calories during (and for hours following) the session. What’s awesome about boxing
classes is that they literally fly by, whilst your mind is occupied as you focus in on the
challenge of the combos at hand.

This kind of training doesn’t just have an outward effect on your physical fitness but
gets your heart and lungs working overtime to pump blood around your body and push
your cardiovascular system to its limits. A stronger cardiovascular system means you
can train harder for longer, giving an even greater fat-burning effect.

Consistent boxing training can improve your balance, reflexes, body awareness and
positioning, as well as coordination alike. Much like dancing, boxing requires you to move
all parts of your body in unison, reinforcing the connection between your brain and your
body, a quality that trickles down to benefit all aspects of life.

Where we women were once cordoned off into the Boxercise class, it is nothing
short of empowering to be holding your own in the ring. Whilst strength and stature is
a contributing factor to the competitive side of the sport in which male counterparts
may have the genetic advantage, there are so many other aspects – speed, focus,
agility, fitness, technique, preemptive strategic thinking – that make women in boxing
not just sufficiently capable, but respected and formidable contenders. Whatever
stage you choose to progress to, no matter what level your boxing or fitness, you
can guarantee to leave each session vibrating with endorphins, with newfound
skills and with confidence.


MBOX are offering a free trial classes and no-membership discounts to all of Leni’s models
and blog readers! Just quote ‘LENI’S’ at reception, when you sign up for membership or book
in for class. You can find out more about boxing training and MBOX through their website: or contacting Mickey Cunningham on 07952.486.062