Sky News Presenter Olivia Wayne talks to The Life Style Edit…


Olivia Wayne recently opened up to the ‘Life Style Edit’ about; ‘women in sports, being open to new opportunities and the importance of learning your craft.’ Below are our fave bits from the interview and a lovely mention of Leni’s director, Eleni.



‘I always loved history and politics
and the course focused on those facets as well as literature and culture.It was a really interesting and varied subject, learning about civil war, African-American history, The Cold War, Vietnam as well as cult American Movies, classic novels and Marilyn Monroe! At UCLA, though, I opted to focus on all things TV, Film and Media. I was in the land of it after all and decided to really make the most of the experts and incredible resources that UCLA had to offer. Work aside, it was the best year of my life – and an experience that shaped my life massively.’



‘To go from a pre-record presenter to a full time, live broadcaster at Sky Sports News was an opportunity I jumped at. I had always been interested in sport, not only as a participant but also because my family are big football and tennis fans so it was an area that fascinated me. Needless to say there was a lot of work I needed to do to learn not only the skill set for live broadcast, but the journalistic element and sports that I hadn’t previously paid too much attention to. Presenting had always been the plan and goal. I was hired to be a presenter, but the boss was absolutely correct in making that transition a slow one. First I had to learn the ropes and truly understand the whole process of news production, the journalism involved, the procedure and the editing process – there is so much more to it than sitting at a desk and reading out loud.

I have massive anxiety about making big decisions – just ask my husband when we go out for dinner! In making the leap, I trusted my family and friend’s judgement and people I have as mentors. In particular at that time my model agent Eleni Renton (Leni’s Models) was always encouraging and helping me get TV work. She knew that TV was where I should be and I continue to value her savvy opinion. She is very wise and a wonderful sounding board.’

Taken from The Life Style Edit. View the full interview here.