Natasha’s best bits from September 2016…

Looking back at last month, enjoy Natasha’s best…

Meal Out:

blog_1 Brunch at The Black Bat Cafe in Hackney. I took my boyfriend there for his birthday and I ordered
the “Healthy Bowl” (it was the day before fashion week castings began!) and I sat in regret wanting and
wishing for the vegan fry up my boyfriend had ordered. Howver I was very pleasantly surprised and
it was definitely nothing to be regretful over. Healthy options always pay off!


blog_2 The recent Leni’s night out! We went to the cinema to watch Bridget Jones’ baby with all our bookers
and some of the models. Gin and tonics went down a barrel of laughs with Bridget back on our screens.
The night ended up with a wild 5 of us going to a club in Soho after various tequila shots in the pub…
Need I say more!


blog_3 All of the amazing models who walked with me on the best night of my life at London Fashion Week
and the crew who helped dress and prep us, OF COURSE! There was such a good energy around the
people I spent those very beautiful few hours with. It was the most magical experience of my life and I’m
so grateful I got to share it with those magnificent human beings. Best job EVER not just of
September… EVER!

Hair & Makeup:

blog_4 Gabrielle Floyd did my make up for a shoot with Dalliance magazine, I love when my eyes are vamped up.

Place Visited:

blog_5 So it didn’t happen in real life but in my meditation I was in Japanese garden and it was quite
simply the most magical sensation ever. So I must find a garden like this one day.

Date Night:

blog_6 I took my boyfriend to Fed By Water a vegan restaurant in Dalston for his birthday and 7 of our best
friends came and surprised him. I love giving him surprises for his birthday with all our friends there
(especially when I don’t let it slip as last year it was me that let the cat out the bag).


blog_7 Urmmm gotta be the cape I got to ROCK on the LFW catwalk. Best. Moment. Ever! I mean, I got
to spin at the end of the catwalk. Could it have been any dreamier?


blog_9 Currently reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It’s a funny, heart warming book that really does
tell you it straight! The next book on my list is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, and my favourite book
so far this year is “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma, it’s amazing – you must read it. Now.
Also The Alchemist is a great read. Yes, I LOVE reading as I once heard that you should read every
day for 30 mins. It’s a religious habit of mine now! Never stop growing or learning.


blog_8 “The universe will never give you something you can’t handle”. Always have faith. Always believe in
yourself. Never give up. Ignore what everyone tells you to do & NOT to do (more importantly). Stay
true. So many quote there actually! I have 20+ affirmations that I say every day to myself.


blog_10 I just bought a cable knit polo neck sweater from H&M. Can’t take it off. Super snug and perfect
for matching with mini skirts in winter (my fave).

Animal Experience:

blogg Oh my there was the cutest dog at a casting for fashion week, it totally put me off my walk cause it’s
furry tail just wouldn’t stop wagging. I love dogs – I have two at home back in Cheshire and miss them


The honour to walk for Prophetik at LFW by Jeff Garner & his incredible team. No better gift has ever
touched my heart. I cried so many tears of happiness, multiple days on the trot.

What a month!