Behind the scenes with Phoebe, shooting for one of the UK’s biggest department stores…

Phoebe talks behind the scenes shooting for Debenhams. Extract taken from her fabulous
personal blog ‘Model Appetite’.


So today was a pretty big deal. Back in my home town, shooting for Debenhams, one of the
UK’s biggest department stores and being the face of the new UK wide Bra Fit campaign. I
didn’t really know what to expect, other than I would be spending most of the day swanning
around in my underwear and a fluffy robe. Meh, who needs to know more that that.


When I finally arrived at the studio on the East side of London (it’d been a while since I navigated
the London transport system), I was ushered to a separate room upstairs where I was told to just
chill out and wait to be called to hair and make up. Now chill I can do. It was here that I met Jess,
one of the five other girls I would be sharing the stage with.


We wasted about an hour chatting and getting to know each other over a bowl of museli and home-
made muffins. I decided to skip the muffin on this particular occasion as I felt that today was not the
day to be adding to my already deliciously homegrown muffin top.

It can be shoots like this where there is a lot of waiting around so having other girls on set helps to
make those thumb twiddling moments a heck of a lot more entertaining…

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