Behind the scenes with Phoebe, for an absolutely stunning 70’s shoot…

We just can’t get enough of Phoebe‘s personal blog ‘Model Appetite’. She recently posted
about a 70’s shoot she starred in, the end results are breathtakingly beautiful. Below we share
a snippet of the post, sharing the finished product and some behind the scenes stories…


I’m pretty lucky to be surrounded by such talented friends and even luckier that those talents have
the ability to make me look awesome. Even if it is only for a day and captured in 125th of a second.

Chloe Rose, winner of the AHFAs Stylist of the Year, Rae Morris, makeup extraordinaire and
mastermind behind 6 successful makeup books, Daren Borthwick, one of Sydney’s most sought
after session stylists and Georges Antoni, Australia’s best photographer (he’ll hate that I’ve said
that). This is all well and good, however they had not been booked to shoot me. They had been
booked on a Sunday morning to shoot the gorgeous Sam Harris. With that said you might
be wondering how I fit into all of this?


This is where the gatecrashing begins. So I needed to shoot a few new images for my
book. Georges is rarely free (weekends included) so when he offered up his Sunday afternoon
I couldn’t refuse and being my husband he was more than happy to stay longer and sacrifice
the rest of his Sunday to shoot me. Chloe, Rae and Daren, well, they’re just bloody amazing.
I’m sure they would have preferred to be horizontal on the couch catching up on Netlfix but
instead they chose to help me! Love you guys. And of course Sam, she didn’t even bat an
eyelid. Us models have to stick together.


We arrived at Sun Studios for a 9:30am start (it is a Sunday after all) and sat down for a
quick team brief, My agency, Scoop, had requested some very simple, commercial images.
Easy enough but trust me, it didn’t last long. As Sam was getting set up in the make up chair
we decided this was a good opportunity to bang out some make up free, product free shots
of moi. Some carefully placed messy hair, high waisted briefs and a grey baggy jumper had
commercial written all over it. I sat on the floor curling my arms around my legs looking
wistfully into the camera as Georges snapped some beautiful, simple shots.

Now beautiful, simple shots are all well and good but when you’ve got a team like this at
your finger tips it would be silly not to take advantage and do something a little special.


Which is exactly what we did.

Inspired by Miss Bridget Bardot and my new found 70s fringe Rae painted perfect black
flicks along my eyeline using her Rae Morris brushes while Daren blow dried
soft waves into my hair…

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