Hear about Phoebe’s latest shoot, the Diet Coke campaign…

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her Diet Coke campaign…


If there is a photo shoot to encompass everything Model Appetite stands for then
this is it. When the brief came through for the new Diet Coke campaign it summed
MA up to a T. “We want you to just go for it. Give us energy, go mad and don’t worry
about getting messy.” Now that, I can do.

With myself and one other model it was a collision of fun, fashion and food. Together
we shot 17 different looks, each with their own unique style and story and lucky old me
got thrown in at the deep end. The first set up was a dining table complete with plates,
cutlery, Diet Coke candle holders (of course) and glasses and it was my job to fill the
glasses with Diet Coke… from a height none the less. Naturally I erred on the side of
caution but once I got the thumbs up to go crazy… I did just that. As you can imagine
things got messy and most of the coke went everywhere but the glasses (hair and
face included). This waitress wasn’t getting any tips I can tell you that much.


I could go on about all the different shots, including my rock star performance equipped
with a guitar balancing on top of a set of speakers, kicking up my heels in a giant, red shoe,
busting out some tunes on a Diet Coke microphone and screaming down the telephone
with the most incredible make shift Diet Coke curlers. Instead I will let the photos
do the talking…


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