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Have a read below of our gorgeous Phoebe G’s latest restaurant review of
east London hotspot Berber & Q. Abstract taken from her lovely foodie blog
Model Appetite


Ahh London, my home town. Smells like it used to, looks like it used to,
sounds like it used to but it sure as heck doesn’t taste like it used to. Walking
around East London was like a foodies dream. All new restaurants, cafes and
street markets popping up everywhere and each one jam packed. I was only
able to skim the surface of what the London food scene had to offer but I was
happy enough as I got to enjoy it with one of my longest standing, bestest
friends and fellow food blogger Charlie, (who you might recognize from a
previous post) and of course the butter to my bread, my husband.

“It’s time to meat your maker.”



Typical food bloggers. No one eats until we get the perfect shot.

Between us we shared Kofta, Pork Belly and Short Rib which all came served
on one large, communal tray accompanied by lettuce, tomatoes and a pita style
bread. The pork belly was sensational, it was so tender and soft and was by far
my favourite of the meats.


Now, when I hear the words slow…cooked…meats I inevitably get fast…
pumping…heartbeats. I get rather excited at the thought of a slowly tenderising,
juicy, falling apart piece of meat. As you can imagine this post is not aimed
towards the vegetarians of the world. I urge you to look away now… but feel free
to turn back when I start talking about the side dishes of which two were
a veggie’s dream.


To be continued…

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