On Monday, Leni’s held a preparation day for their fashion week girls…

IMG_2748backstage-(1-of-3)backstage-big-(3-of-3)toupIMG_2801IMG_4880image1IMG_2804IMG_2834The preparation day is designed to focus on catwalk training, grooming and checking of our models
general well-being before London Fashion Week kicks off. Leni’s friends at Skin Design London very kindly
came down to show the girls their fab new range – a personalised and professional “SKIN CLINIC IN A BOTTLE”.

This designer collection of skincare products are filled with treatment based ingredients and use cutting edge
technology whilst delivering immediate results. Fatma and her team gave the girls express peels which reveal
a radiant complexion in just 15 minutes – perfect for catwalk-ready skin. Model Lisa Marlier commented afterwards
that her skin was glowing and she was super pleased with the professional skincare.
Not only are these couture beauty products a must-have for healthy skin but are also free from paraben’s,
animal-based ingredients and eco-responsible manufacturing policies.
So thank you to Skin Design London for the fab introduction!

In between facials, catwalk training and photo shoots (It’s a hard life) the girls quenched their thirst and
restored their energy with 100% natural Chi Coconut drinks. Luckily there were a few bottles left over
to chuck in their Leni’s model bags and head off, all ready, for a hefty day of fashion week castings.


Skin Design London

Karen Ryska Photography

Chi Drinks

Bleeding Heart Studio