Positive vibes from Shivani’s blog ‘Live Shiv’…

We love Shivani’s recent blog post highlighting the worries of growing in age. Her positive
attitude is exactly what we all need on this rainy Friday afternoon! Scroll down to read…


Hey all! So it was my birthday last weekend and it was a day I was dreading slightly. Why? Well to
me, going past 25 means I’m practically 30. Which is scary! Or so I thought…

Why should getting closer to 30 be a scary thing? I thought of all of the people I knew who were close
close to 30, already 30 and are doing amazing things or STILL WORKING towards amazing things. So I
thought (in true Shivani style) being 26 gives me 4 more years to accomplish all the things I want by 30. It’s
yet another opportunity to set goals! And if I don’t get it all done, I’ll change the age to 35 and keep working!

I decided to embrace this age, and use all of my experience up until this point as an advantage to get me
to where I want to be. I sat down and told myself: anytime I’m feeling crappy about getting older or “getting
closer to 30” (quotations because, it ain’t a bad thing) I’m going to remind myself of these 5 reasons why
being 26 is awesome!

1. You’re no longer in your early-20s, and that’s a good thing.
Let’s put it this way: you have no choice but to be a REAL adult now. Make it work. You’re over the “I’m
25” hump and that’s awesome because now you can use the next 4 years as a deadline to get sh** done!

2. You have experience.
By the time you’re 26, most of us have graduated college, maybe even gone to graduate school or already
started working a full-time job for a couple years. DUDE, that’s amazing. Take all of that experience into your
4 year journey and use it to get you closer to where you want to be! And if you haven’t done any of those
things, it doesn’t matter – everyone’s journey happens at a different pace, you can still use the next
4 years to make shit happen, don’t worry.

3. You get to break barriers.
You can go against the grain of other people your age and reach your goals your own way. Ever wanted
this to be said about you… “and she did it all before she was 30”. That’s what’s fuelling me right now! 26
is this interesting age where you’re kind of supposed to be over adolescent stuff and really forming your
future. (Of course this happens for everyone at different times, but I’ve found for a lot of people it’s an
important formative year). I feel like I get to be the person who says: “You know what I’m 26, choosing
not to get married or have kids right now, choosing to make changes in my industry and I can still party
like I did back in college”. And honestly, I know that I can do all three and accomplish what I want
by the time I’m 30.

4. You get to choose your…

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