Check out where Lil likes to hang out in the city.


Below Lil shares some of her favourite places to hang out in London city.

The Counter Albion



The Counter Albion is a British eatery located in Shoreditch. It’s the little sister of the Albion a
little further down the street. Usually in a rush, I love to indulge in the homemade cookies and
muffins to take away but if I have time, a health conscious but hearty buffet (and salad bar)
awaits! With tasty food that is locally sourced you needn’t feel guilty – too much!

Beigel Bake



For breakfast on the go (if you’re not on your way to a lingerie casting) Beigel Bake is the
tastiest thing around, if you can get in the door that is. It’s very popular too! Studies show
that in general, we don’t include enough protein in our breakfast so a Hot Salted Beef
Beigel is a good shout to start the day. There are many other options for the veggies
among you, along with some tasty looking naughty treats.

The Breakfast Club



The Breakfast Club is a string of cafés from the hit 80’s movie, they not only serve great food
but also a quirky dining experience. Open all day serving a multitude of dishes to tickle your
fancy from Eggs Royale to giant stacks of American Pancakes, you’ll get all the classics here
(I highly recommend their filling breakfast smoothie).

Thai and Lao Street Food



I have been spending much of my time recently in East London and not having plucked up the
courage to venture properly into China town, Thai and Lao (#ThaiandLao for the hipsters) serve
the BEST Pad Thai to have ever graced my lips. And I eat a lot of Pad Thai! Located in the top
section of Boxpark, a variety of Thai dishes are served to take away, or enjoy sat on the
covered/uncovered seating.

Eat Cafes



I am totally favouring ‘EAT’ cafes at the moment, they just seem to be everywhere I am whenever
I need them! Along with serving all the coffee shop usuals they’re super for a freshly made, quick
and cheap bite to eat. I am happy to let you know also that there is one conveniently just outside
the agency. My personal favourite is the little yogurt and muesli pots. EAT work to reduce food
waste and make a positive impact on the community, one of their charity partners is ‘Fareshare’
who collect from many EAT’s across London at the end of the working day and distribute the left
over food to homeless shelters and other charities. This means less people go without a meal
and less waste is clogging up landfill sites – GO EAT!

Pure Gym



A great place to keep fit if you’re a gym lover is Pure Gym; with thirteen well equipped gyms
across London and over 90 Nationwide, these 24hour gyms are there for you whenever. Day
passes are available but with cheap monthly memberships that you can sign up to straight
away online and freeze when you’re away it’s a convenient choice. You can also validate
your membership across more than one gym if you’re planning on moving around!

Yo! Sushi



Since my best friend introduced me to Yo! Sushi when we were in Selfridges 8 years ago I’ve
been hooked. Aside from the most delicious little dishes, who wouldn’t want the excitement of
watching their food travel toward them on the restaurant carousel?! Coloured plates equate to
different prices which are totaled up at the end of your meal and with such a wide selection of
sushi, hot dishes and a request menu for specifically prepared items, it’s a great place for a
light bite or hearty feast. The tempura prawns are divine!

Casa Blue



After arriving to a casting almost an hour early last year, I stumbled upon Casa Blue on a
Brick Lane street corner. I’m pretty sure they’ve changed the menu now but it’s a super
bar for quirky snacks, I had the nicest espresso martini iced drink (and I don’t even like
coffee). Perfect for a late afternoon chillout or meeting spot for evening drinks.




Going unnoticed by most that traverse Piccadilly Square, this sensual Parisian Brasserie
and its associated bars and cafes are located on the site of what used to be The Regent
Palace Hotel, once the largest hotel in Europe when it opened in 1915. Commissioned for
redevelopment by the crown estate in 2004, this incredible Brasserie was created with what
has been heralded as “probably the best and most authentic series of 1930s interiors in
this country”. I do not advice anyone looking for a quick bite to go, this Brasserie is the
epitome of luxury and elegance and needs a relaxed evening to be enjoyed fully. Soak
up the live music, Art Deco and impossibly high ceilings whilst being waited on by the
politest and most helpful staff in London (they also have phone chargers ready and
waiting for you if you just ask!). If the décor doesn’t astound you then the food will,
I highly recommend the Escargot and the Scallops.

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