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Hey, my name is Juana and here you can see some of the songs from my day-by-day general life
playlist. In it, you can find a little bit of everything. And that is exactly what I like! To have something
for the moment I wake up, and if it is early, something to put me in a good mood on a cold and rainy
morning. I like having something to listen to on the bus, something where I can concentrate on and
appreciate what the lyrics are saying and really feel them. Some of the other songs are just for
singing and dancing, which I am very bad at doing but I really ;ove dancing whilst listening to music.

In Argentina I was lucky to have my own car, and I used to love going to work in the city (which is
a 40/50 minute ride from where I live) listening to different types of music, dancing and really
enjoying myself and my music. Music has the power to change my mood immediately! And here,
in London, I have my headphones in ALL DAY LONG. I have like thousands of different genres,
artists, playlists in my phone. And I always find the music that I need or I want to hear in it.

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