Keep calm and eat avocado…

Enjoy a fantastic avocado recipe taken from Cara’s superb blog ‘It’s Sunday Somehwere‘…


Hey guys! In Helsinki, I got inspired by my visit to the chia seed bowl cafe, KUUMA,
to create some of my own bowls! I went on a hunt for the perfect bowl for my new project,
and ended up buying two different beautiful ceramic bowls from around Helsinki… this one
being one of them 🙂 If you haven’t already read my post about KUUMA, click here to see
how I became so inspired!

I aim to make so many different types of bowls: acai bowls, chia seed bowls,
smoothie bowls, rice bowls, noodle bowls, fruit bowls, etc! I am currently gathering
some inspiration from Pinterest… but if you guys have any suggestions, please
comment at the bottom of this post! (here)



+ sushi rice
+ mushrooms
+ zucchini
+ avocado
+ black sesame seeds
+ soy sauce
+ butter
+ olive oil

This bowl is very easy and quick to make, once the rice has been cooked. I use a rice
cooker that takes around 25 minutes to prepare, so once the rice cooker timer indicates
10 minutes left, I start to prepare my toppings of the bowl. Basically, what I do is, heat the
pan with a little olive oil, then the mushrooms and zucchini are cooked at the same time,
sautéed in butter and a touch of soy sauce. Once they are browned, add them to the top
of the rice. Then cut the avocado in slices and place in bowl. Add sesame seeds
on top… and then eat!

You can add some more soy sauce to the top of the entire bowl for more flavour,
and/or add chicken to this recipe to add a touch of meat! Just remember to cook the
chicken first before the zucchini and mushrooms 🙂


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