Cara enjoys her first ever coffee on holiday in Italy…

Enjoy a snippet from Cara’s blog post ‘A Prima Vista’, taken from her gorgeous own
blog ‘It’s Sunday Somewhere‘…


Buona sera! It’s now the afternoon of our first of seven days in one of the most romantic
cities in the world, Rome. But I thought I would do a post about one of many ventures today,
this venture being the highlight of my day… My first time drinking coffee, EVER! What better
a way, than the Italian way…


So why have I never had coffee before? To be honest, I was never really into drinking coffee
because I didn’t feel the need for the extra caffeine in my system; I relied on my own natural
energy to keep me fuelled for the day. Don’t get me wrong, I loved mum’s morning-coffee smell,
it’s just I never really got into it. But as we both sat in the sun in front of the magnificent
Pantheon, I thought to myself, “what if my first time drinking coffee was right now, a real
Italian coffee?” So I did. Of course an espresso wasn’t on the top of my list, being a first time
coffee offender, so I ordered a latte macchiato…


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