F-Blogger Catherine Grace O’Connell interviews Leni’s model & Influencer Amy Neville...

F-Blogger Catherine Grace O’Connell interviews Leni’s model & Influencer Amy Neville...

*Extract taken from full article on Huffington Post*


My Inspirational Influencer series continues as I’m thrilled to introduce you to one of the most
beautiful Influencers in the world of Instagram, Amy Neville of AmyNevFashionDiaries.com. I came
across Amy’s gallery a few months ago and couldn’t resist following this gorgeous girl. Her beauty,
gracious presence, and out of this world style blew me away and created a fan for life. If you’re
looking for beauty and style inspiration, Amy is a force and I dare you not to follow her. No, I
double dare you! Now, here’s Amy.

CGO: Amy, I have absolutely loved following your journey over the last few months. I’ll admit,
I’ve developed a girl crush. It’s okay as you mentioned this in your Aspinal interview on YouTube.
Women have a tendency to check out other women. I know that I definitely do! Tell me, who is
your girl crush?

AN: Thank you, I would say my ultimate girl crush is Jessica Alba – she is natural, effortlessly
beautiful and I love her style! Also Sienna Miller is another fashionista who can pull off any look!
My mantra that I stand by is that it is always about the accessories.

CGO: It was so fun to do some research on you. Your blog, AmyNevFashionDiaries, is like
eye candy to a Fashion Blogger. What was the inspiration for creating your blog?

AN: I have modelled full time for over 8 years now and I am a fashion junkie! Like most girls,
every spare penny I have is spent on quick fashion and I wanted to share with everyone my
love for my own, unique style rather than just how I am styled on shoots.

CGO: Did I read that you have been modeling since you were a teenager when you were
discovered. What was it like to be discovered at such a young age?

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