Natasha and friend Catree enjoy a Sunday rooftop yoga session…

Ever since I decided to start my business last year (2015), I knew I wanted to create
a community. I wanted, and still do, to have a positive impact on people’s lives through
teaching people how to look and feel good about themselves, food and mindset.


One of my daily missions and affirmations is that “I am the most positive person people
have met”, and I want to be remembered for making strangers smile. A crazy dream of
mine, I thought, when I originally began my journey as Fresh Minter. Now it’s become a
habit of mine to see the positive in even the worst situations, and to try and understand
that life will always test us, and it’s the way you respond to life’s tests that make
you the person you are today.

Meditation and yoga have had a massive impact on my mindset, I have been practising
both since January after reading an inspiring article on, and only recently found a love for yoga. I persistently pushed myself
through my yoga practise despite not loving it. Moving in to my new home in London with
the most beautiful rooftop terrace has definitely had an impact on how much I now enjoy
yoga. It truly made me realise how much the environment around you and your practise
can have an impact.


I met my friend Catree around a year ago through a mutual friend, and I’ve been
watching her own entrepreneurial journey since she decided to start her own holistic
business. Her aim is to “educate, inspire and connect people to themselves through
leading a more holistic lifestyle.” Of course, it was a no brain-er to collaborate!

The “Keeping it Fresh – Yoga class with Catree Holistics” was an incredibly quick
turn-around, we decided 12 days before the event that it would take place on Sunday
the 4th of September – weather permitting! We only invited friends through Facebook
and chose not to invite the public – however I think next time it would only be fair to
share our magical class with everyone.


The yoga class was the best I’ve ever attended personally – despite windy and
sometimes cold weather conditions on the rooftop, the Vinyasa flow class kept me
warm. She focused on the Psoas muscle in the class, which I’ve only recently just
learnt what that even is! I felt like the class kept on giving, it felt super long and like I
really worked on every part of my body. I asked Catree to share her top 5 tips for
yoga beginners (see below).

After the yoga class we nibbled on some delicious homemade treats I had made
the night before with herbal tea. Snacks included mango and coconut energy balls,
and donuts sprinkled with syrup and crushed walnuts. They went down a treat! For
my first try at both these recipes, I can definitely say I’ll be making them again. My
friend and I shared our health stories and our health tips, including what products
we use to stay looking and feeling super fresh.


We are looking at possibly continuing the yoga class because we had so much
fun doing it and even now I’m still receiving messages of interest, people who were
devastated they missed out. Everyone was really impressed with Catree’s class and
it’s such a delight to collaborate with someone with the same agenda. We are also
looking into hosting other “Keeping it Fresh” classes on the rooftop, e.g. HIIT classes,
pilates, boxing and dancing. Keep your eyes peeled on my social media accounts
for any news.

Natasha x
Instagram: @natashaminter / @freshminter


Catree Barrett’s 5 top tips to for beginning your yoga journey…


1. Try not to compare your yoga practice to others. Remember, every body is different
and we all have different abilities and limitations. Leave that ego off the mat!

2. Yoga isn’t about being able to do the most extravagant posture; it’s about learning
to connect with yourself and bringing union between your mind, body and soul.

3. There will be specific postures that you really dislike, that you secretly roll your eyes
at when your teacher leads you into it during class, usually the ones you find most
uncomfortable. Be sure not to avoid them, in fact it’s these postures that you should
push yourself in most. Trust me, with a little dedication, they get easier in no time.

4. One of the eight limbs of yoga, Pratyahara, which means drawing your attention
inwards and ignoring the senses, is something everybody struggles with to start with.
Try starting to incorporate just 5 minutes a day sitting quietly, breathing deeply
through the nose and focusing on the sensations this brings in the body.

5. Most importantly, have fun! For me, teaching yoga is about bringing a sense of
humour to the mat whilst staying true to Yoga’s ancient traditions. Find a teacher that
makes you excited to come to your mat and practice.


Instagram: @catree.barrett
Twitter: @CatreeBa