Our ‘Head of Scouting and Development’ participates in a Fashion Debate about model health…

Our ‘Head of Scouting and Development’ participated in a Fashion Debates talk
alongside model inspiration Rosie Nelson and Leni’s Influencer Amy Williams. The debate
discussed the potential for UK model-health law to be put in place. This is something that
Rosie feels very passionately about having started a petition that now has over 125,000


Amy & Laura                                                        Laura & Rosie

Laura imputed her opinions having worked for a model agency (Leni’s) for 4
years whilst Amy provided her knowledge as a Fashion Writer & Editor who has worked
within the industry in a variety of roles. Scroll down to watch a clip of the debate that
was filmed LIVE on our Facebook page and see how the girls got on…


Press play for clip of debate. For more, visit our Facebook page

The night ended with some posing fun in the Leni’s Influencers photo booth!


Thank you Fashion Debates for letting us be a part of your marvellous event.

To read more about Rosie’s petition click here.