Catching up with Emily Towner…

Catch up with Emily via her lovely blog ‘Emily Edited’.


The past few months have been a whirlwind of really exciting times. I finished up my fall
newsroom internship and my last semester of undergrad. I completed my undergraduate thesis
examining the relationship between social media and mental health (which if you are interested you
can check out here). I graduated from CUNY SPS with my bachelor’s degree in Communications
and Media. I was accepted to Columbia University’s postbac in psychology program, and
yesterday I attended my first day of classes!

I’m very excited for what this new chapter will bring, and will be spending the next two years
completing advanced coursework in psychology and conducting research with Columbia faculty
in the lab. I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity to work with some of the most renowned
professors and researchers in the world at one of the oldest and finest institutions in our nation.
After completing the postbac, I plan to pursue a PhD, but am really looking forward to cherishing
these two years refining my interests in the field of psychology, meeting my fellow students,
and taking advantage of all the opportunities available.

I look forward to taking you all on my journey through this process!

Until Next Time X

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