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Below Emily share’s her top tips for healthy glowing skin,
extract taken from her lovely blog ‘Emily Edited’.


On photoshoots, I often get asked what I do for my skin. Though I have been genetically
blessed with a pretty blemish free complexion, I still like to take great care of my skin and ensure
that it will keep looking glowing for years to come! Here are some of my top tips…

Take Off Your Makeup
Though this should go without saying you should never, ever sleep in your makeup! I
don’t care if you don’t get home until 6AM, take it off. Also, use a good makeup remover so
you don’t have to tug and pull at your skin to get it really clean. My personal favourite
is Bioderma (makeup artist tip).

Hydrate Inside and Out
I drink a large glass of lemon water first thing in the morning nearly every day. I also try
to drink my greens and stay hydrated throughout the day. A good moisturiser is also key in
keeping skin glowing.

The best anti-aging treatment (especially at a young age) is sunscreen. Prevention goes
a long way. I never leave the house without sunscreen on my face, no matter how cloudy or
grey. At least get a foundation with sunscreen or use a tinted moisturiser that doubles
with an SPF factor.

Fill in Nutritional Gaps
Assess if maybe there is a dietary reason your skin is less than shimmery. I also find
it helpful to supplement occassional (with raw, organic whole food vitamins of course). Zinc
seems to be particlarly helpful for skin and healing. I like this one from Garden of Life.

Avoid Alcohol
Okay, okay you don’t have to completely abstain from the occasional cocktail, but alcohol
can be severely dehydrating and wreak havoc on otherwise glowing skin. Try to limit it to once
a week if possible, and re-hydrate the next day with good-for-you drinks like coconut water or
cold-pressed vegetable juice.

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