Who would have thought quinoa would make such a delicious breakfast treat?

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Did you know that quinoa can be just as delicious for breakfast as it is for a savoury
afternoon salad? One of my favourite new breakfast staples is a breakfast bowl, like
this one…

I usually always begin my day with old fashioned oats, but quinoa is a delicious way
to switch up your morning routine, while still getting all the benefits of nutritious quinoa
including plenty of fiber, protein, and amino acids. Not to mention quinoa is gluten-free
and has a low glycemic index that ensures you will be full and satisfied until lunchtime.

There are endless recipes and combinations for breakfast bowls. This bowl includes
red quinoa, bananas, strawberries, walnuts, honey, and almond milk. You could add
peanut butter, berries, coconut milk, yogurt, or even mix a combination of oats and
quinoa for a breakfast blend.

Have you tried quinoa for breakfast? What ingredients/combinations do you love?

Let me know in the comments!


Red Quinoa – Cooked
Almond Milk


1. Cook the quinoa as per directions on the box.
2. Let cool and add to bowl.
3. Top with chopped banana and strawberries.
4. Toss in pecans.
5. Drizzle with honey.
6. Pour in desired amount of almond milk.
7. Enjoy!

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