Amo shares a small glimpse of what she has been up to since arriving in London…

Hi, I am Amo and I’m from Berlin, Germany. So far I have had such a great time
in London being signed with Leni’s. Here is a small glimpse of some of the things
that I have been up to…


My headphone game is strong – I like to go out for a run at Hackney Downs in
between castings. I also enjoy a nap with my audio books when there is time.
Whilst I’m out and about walking, I always have my favourite tunes playing.


I was very happy to discover Hackney Empire next door to my apartment. I have
been to see Don Giovanni & the English touring opera at this lovely theatre.


One of my greatly admired ancestors, Charlotte Rohrbach, was a photographer in the
early 20th century, so understandably one thing I had on my London to-do list was to
check out the IWM and its exhibition ‘Lee Miller: A Woman’s War’. I highly recommend
it to anyone visiting this city.


Gym has become one of my daily routines over the years. Sadly I often lack motivation to
get started and end up taking lots of stupid selfies, noramlly to send to my best friends in
Germany. I just found a great new backpack – made of old leather jackets, #rockit – it had
to be shared!


Pre or post workout I love to have a latte macchiato and phone call with my family/friends.


This selfie was taken when I needed some shopping assistance from my besties.

Thanks Amo.

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