Spend a day casting with Leni’s model Karina Bors…

A snapchat of model casting life from behind Karina’s iPhone camera…


Hey I’m Karina, I am from Canada, and this is my first time in Europe. I am so pleased
London is the first stop. I’ve only been in London for two weeks and so far my days have
consisted of running around this beautiful city trying to get to all of my castings, jobs and
shoots. The night before I like to write out my schedule, and map out where I am going
and how to get there. Along with this, I pack my bag with the essentials such as heels,
comp cards/book and then I lay out my casting outfit, to make the morning as relaxing
as possible.

There’s no better way to start a busy day than with time to spare and not be in a rush,
with a positive outlook and a strong cup of coffee. Racing between castings, jobs and
test shoots can be exhausting but I enjoy what I do. While on set I always sneak some
behind the scenes photos in hair and makeup for my Instagram and Snapchat accounts
(karinabors). After a long day, showering and putting my feet up with a good book or
movie is the best way to unwind. Modelling is something I have always had an interest
in and something I’ve admired since I was young. It feels surreal at times for it to be
my reality. I love my job and I cannot wait to see what the rest of my stay in London
brings, and where I go next!

Karina Bors x