Leni’s would like to introduce to you, Cara’s gorgeous new blog ‘It’s Sunday Somewhere’…


Leni’s model Cara has started up a gorgeous new model blog called ‘It’s Sunday
Somewhere’ and below we share a snippet of one of her recent posts about her
skiing holiday to Austria with boyfriend, Otto…

At the Top…



To take a small break from uni work, my boyfriend Otto and I decided to go to skiing.
At first I was a little hesitant at the idea of jetting off for a weekend to a ski resort where
everyone is amazing at skiing, as I haven’t skied or snowboarded for about 8 years…
But before I knew it I was on a plane heading to Going, Austria!


This is the view from our bedroom, how beautiful? It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.


I decided that I would try snowboarding on the first day since I hadn’t snowboarded
in a couple of years and I wanted to get better at it because I’m not very good, but
unfortunately that plan failed miserably and I switched to skiing on the second day,
putting me in a much better mood!

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