Below Betty gives us a personal tour of where she hangs out in North London…

Parkland Walk


By Highgate tube station there is this beautiful 4.5 mile walk, which used to be an
old railway. It used to run between Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace and as a
Highgate resident this is one of my favourite walks.


My usual walk starts at Highgate and ends up in Crouch End, where I stop by Gail’s
Artisan Bakery for a cup of coffee or a delicious ice cream from Riley, which is one of
London’s number one ice cream cafes.

Gail’s Artisan Bakery





Boogaloo is a great pub for a relaxing drink after your walk, or whenever really. With a late
closing time, this pub is great for a night out. With live bands and other activities available, it’s
a nice pub that has a good sized back yard with heating in North London, close to Highgate
tube station and Parkland Walk.

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