Shannon and Suki had a ball backstage in Bath…

Shannon and Suki had a ball working at the Bath fashion festival. Below they both share
they’re stories and behind the scenes footage from the job…


Bath is one of the best locations to work over two days. With Suki, and in our group of 14
girls, we had a ball exploring the local area during our breaks and really managed to bond
as a group. On the first day we had a super natural makeup with pink cheeks and lots of
highlighter. Our hair was super bouncy and curly and we wore about 8 looks each of local
designers and commercial brands.


We had a rehearsal each day and had to learn a few different choreographed walks. Each
show was sold out and there were a few friendly faces after the show, telling us how much
they enjoyed it. The second day our look was a bit darker as we wore couture designer
pieces. We had smokey eyes and dark plum lips and our hair was styled into a massive
bee hive up do.


Suki and I got to wear show stopping looks that could light up and was controlled by the
designer in the audience. We even did a walk with glitzy umbrellas and raincoats as the
finale walk. This finale was highly choreographed but as a group of 14 girls we pulled it
off without a glitch. Overall I really enjoyed it and had a great time working with Suki. I
can’t wait to see the pictures!



I’ve never had so much fun on a cold, grey and raining day. As a Brazilian you can imagine
how weather like this can make me feel down. But from the minute I arrived at this job, the
energy was just so good, everyone was so nice and all the dresses with lights on gave me
that Friday Feeling early! I had such a great time, big thanks to the fashion team in Bath.