Another excellent blog extract from Emily Towner’s ‘Emily Edited’…

An insight in to Emily’s recent hair campaign job, shot in Hamburg…


I found out about this hair campaign job just a few short days before it was time to jet off.
The life of a model, always unpredictable. I was so excited though because I love Hamburg,
it’s always been one of my favourite cities. I hope one day to be able to spend a little more
time there. Below I take you on my super quick journey to Hamburg and back to shoot for
the new Schwarzkopf Hair Campaign Packaging. Let’s go!

blog_74PM: Off to Newark, and all set for Germany!

blog_86PM: Goodbye NYC. See the Freedom Tower in the distance?!

1311AM: Hair prep time (left), and voila, finished product (right). Colour, cut, and blow dry complete.

To find out what happened in the next 24hrs of Emily’s trip click here.


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