Part 2 of Natasha’s recent juicing detox challenge…

It’s time for part 2 of Natasha’s recent 5 day juice cleanse…

If you missed part 1, check it out here.


Day three

Ahhhhh day three’s juice (which was basically a smoothie – and I’m a big smoothie girl)
made EVERYTHING better. We also started adding ice to our juices – which is something
we should have done from the beginning and didn’t realise would make such a difference.
Let me me tell you, it makes a difference. A BIG ONE! Day three’s breakfast and dinner
juice was a blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, banana, apple, coconut yoghurt & seed
smoothie and it pretty much changed my whole juicing experience. I had another long 8
hour shift at work, where although I admit I wasn’t as tired as I was the previous day, I
was still pretty hungry throughout. I saved my juice till I got home, by 9pm, when I was
feeling dizzy, sick, and generally like I was coming down with something (and I’m never
sick). I again, did not feel like myself. So I drank my juice and went to bed, indulging in a
long 9-10 hour sleep.


Day four

I woke up PRAYING this was the day I would feel amazing! The day they all scream
about from the rooftops. Come on, where is the sacred energy I’ve heard so much
about?! I was so looking forward to eating food again – I can safely say that the desire
for food had not yet left me. So admittedly, my energy did increase on this day in
comparison to the previous days. I think I found today easier also because I worked on
my own business all day, focusing on other’s needs, as that is what I do in my business,
I inspire and show others how to feel and live well through wholefood nutrition. I love
my business, Fresh Minter, and always feel so happy knowing I am helping others with
their health.


Day five – THE LAST DAY!

So… The energy… ARRIVED… And in my opinion it was SO OVERDUE. I was tweeting
Jason Vale throughout the experience kind of crying out like ‘WHEN Jason, WHEN!’ and
on the final day, the holy day, Tuesday morning, I leaped out of bed feeling WIDE AWAKE.
I decided to have a 25 min rebounding session (high intensity cardio on a mini trampoline,
Google it!), then I decided to scrub the kitchen & mop the floor… Before having ANY juice.
I then I had one of the most successful days of business, speaking and connecting to lots
of new clients finding out their needs, new people joined my mission & the tribe to inspire
help others, and I was wide awake all day. When it got to 12am – midnight, we decided
to treat ourselves & have an extra ‘SOS’ to celebrate the ending of our juice cleanse.


So – Will I do it again?

The question I’m still being asked. YES, is the answer! I don’t recommend it to anyone
that works long hours though, I think I did it at the worst time for me to be quite frank.
But – I love a challenge and I don’t regret doing it at all. I felt really heavy for the next
few days even with all the clean food I had eaten (no, we didn’t binge on cake). I normally
eat a plant based diet, no meat, fish or dairy, and I only have gluten/wheat occasionally.
Even the plant based diet made me feel heavy though.

Going forward, I’m about to start doing the Jason Vale 5:2 juice diet. I started reading
the book & I’m still juicing on the days I can when I’m at home. If you find it a struggle to
juice at home then I recommend Pret A Manger for their juices, I find them super tasty
& they sell ginger shots too. I’m really lucky that I take products through my business
that contain lots of different fruits and veggies so on the days I can’t juice (and the days I
can) I’m still getting enough fruit and veg. We can never have enough of it in my opinion.
I’ll be continuing to share my juicing habits & my healthy lifestyle through my Instagram,
Twitter & Facebook pages and on Snapchat (@peafaceminter). Never stop pushing or
challenging yourself, in your life & the way you eat. I love the quote ‘if you’re not growing,
your dying’ & I live by this every day, intending to improve on myself everyday.

Thank you for reading,

Natasha’s x

The way the juice detox works is:
20 mins of intense cardio in the morning
9:55am : apple and ginger shot
10:00am : juice 1
1:00pm : juice 2
4:00pm : juice 3
7:00pm : juice 4
*Juice 1 & 4 are the same, and juice 2 & 3 are the same. Your allowed
one SOS a day – which can be a juice bar, an avocado or a banana.