Be a fly on the wall in a day in the life of model Neve…


My alarm wakes me up at 8am today – this is a bit of a lie in as my call time is 10am. So the first thing I do
is get some breakfast and this morning it’s my favourite thing, eggs, avocado and spinach washed down with
some green tea. After this I get ready and head to my job. Once arriving I’m thrown straight into hair
and make up which today is natural, then in to shooting lots of different outfits. After a quick lunch
it’s all done by 4 and it’s time to head back to the hotel I’m staying at for the weekend.

I like to keep active so I make it a habit of mine to take ankle weights and resistance bands on the go
with me. I do a workout in my little room and then go for dinner in the hotel. After that I get all my things
ready for the next days shoot and so that I can finally just relax and read my kindle.

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