Live a day in the London life of model Maja, through the eyes of her mobile phone…

A day in the life of Maja through the eyes of her mobile phone…


#VersaceVersaceVersace #5starBlingBling, #PrivateJetClub or #AllGlamourEverythang are
amongst some of the more ‘cliche’ model hashtags not featured so highly on my Instagram account
but I would dare to claim that my (#)LondonLife is at least just as exciting!

Here’s a little sneak peak into my typical day in London:

After having caffeinated myself first thing, I am then ready for my favourite meal of the day,
breakfast. This mostly consists of yoghurt, maple syrup, fruits, oats and nuts accompanied by
my intellectual morning literature, Vogue Magazine.



Strengthened for my castings, hairdresser’s appointment and shooting, I stride into the beautiful
town of London. The go-sees/castings usually drive me back and forth between A and B, which
enables me to get my walk on and experience some touristy sights.



Today’s schedule was rather busy so I am lucky to come home to the most cozy apartment,
nicest housemates and let the evening end in a relaxed atmosphere.


So as you can see, the happy model existence does not necessarily consist of the lifestyle
a la Victoria’s Angels! I am blessed to live the simplified version, #LenisStyle ??

Night night! x


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