Hi! This morning I woke up at 7.15am. Firstly I enjoyed a chat with my lovely friend/housemate
Julia whilst eating our favourite breakfast – oatmeal with banana, raisins and cinnamon – the
perfect breakie to get me ready for a busy day of castings! Then I jumped in to the shower. It’s
pretty cold outside, so I make sure I dress up warmly before I catch the bus to my first casting.

At that casting I happened to bump into a Dutch friend of mine – what a small world! We arranged
to catch up over dinner after work. Then I headed to two other castings and in the afternoon I met
with my Leni’s bookers and had some new polaroids taken. At this point it’s 2.30pm already and
I’m really hungry, so I grab a healthy almond flour curry wrap at this cute little market nearby.

After a good cappuccino I go to the gym with Julia; it’s so much more fun when you are with a
friend! Back in our flat I take a nice shower and put on some comfy pants and a warm sweater. I
then crash on the couch; both exhausted and satisfied, with a big cup of green tea. I take some
time to work on my new blog, which I just started. Then I FaceTime my boyfriend, who is sadly
back home in Amsterdam.

Finally, I get myself organized for another busy day of castings tomorrow, make some dinner and
laugh a lot with Julia. At the end of this long day, I go to bed, so ready to have a good sleep.
Good night!

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