I woke up bit late today, which is why I only had time for a small bowl of porridge, some nuts and an
aloe vera juice for breakfast. I then got dressed very quickly and ran for the tube to my photoshoot
near tower bridge. I was lucky, the weather was awesome and the sun was smiling bright.
The shoot was amazing. I had a fun team, great hair and make up styling, cool clothing and a
super cozy dressing gown.

Afterwards I went on a nice little shopping and sightseeing trip. I found some
lovely gloves and took a picture of Tower Bridge to send to my loved ones at home. I then
went to a supermarket to get some food for the evening and spotted someone familiar in Look
Magazine! I also picked up some juice and a sandwich to snack on then rushed off to my next
shoot for an Italian brand. When that was over I went home for the day, got changed, put
on some lip stick and headed out to meet some friends at a party.
And that is a day in the life of Karla Kuhl!

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