Find out what Christina gets up to on an average working day…


I awoke to my alarm at 5:20am, resisted hitting the ‘snooze’ button then┬ábounced out of bed and straight into the shower. Usually I would begin my day with breakfast and a sweat session at Frame studios in Shoreditch, but today I’m in a bit of a rush. A driver is scheduled to pick me up at 6:25am. There’s time for a quick cup of tea as I check the news and weather report. I decide I’m going to bring along an umbrella since springtime in London can be unpredictable.

Today I am shooting for Agent Provocateur. I’m beyond elated as I am a huge fan of their brand. I intend to dazzle and impress.

Upon arrival to Big Sky studios, I get to know the incredible crew whilst nibbling on some fruit and granola for breakfast. I order a triple-shot cappuccino. I love a proper coffee buzz at work. I recognize the other model I will be shooting with from a fashion show we had done in Verona several years ago. It’s a small world! I can tell today will be fun. The makeup artist and hair stylist start working their magic on us. Sexy results. Thanks guys! I shimmy into some beautiful lingerie and spend the rest of the day flirting with the camera.

In between shots I read a book I’ve downloaded to my iPad through an app called Oyster. I check in with my Air B&B guests in NYC to see how my cat is doing. Received many cute photos of her in return. Miss that feline. I catch up with a few friends via social media and text. We come up with a few ideas for the weekend. I’ve been pretty busy the last few days since landing in London and I’m feeling celebratory! I have a Roisin Murphy concert at the Roundhouse to look forward to and several reunions with people I haven’t seen in awhile.

At lunchtime we are served an amazing variety of food. Lots of healthy options that were delicious. I polish off a third coffee and figured that’ll be enough caffeine and switch to peppermint tea.

The shoot wraps at 7pm and my body is feeling a tad achy from frolicking around in heels and posing arched back all day. A good stretch is in order. Despite feeling tired, I get some light exercise by walking home, equipped with good music to zone out to.

The sun makes a brief appearance at day’s end and I grab a glass of wine with friends. Back at home, my boyfriend cooks up a delicious feast. I practice some Italian lessons on Rosetta Stone and then finally it’s time to doze off to a movie. This has been a happy day to document.

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