Hi, I’m Amber from Alberta, Canada and I LOVE London. Whether its spending the day at a
market or lying in the park, there is always something unique to fill your time. I can walk for
hours getting lost in London discovering beautiful architecture and admiring the scenery. A
day of castings is the perfect way to explore the city.


I always start my morning with coffee. I’m a bit of an addict so finding new coffee spots is a
hobby of mine. Today I had three castings, in-between I walked around and went shopping,
ate lunch, drank more coffee of course.

After my last casting I went to a workout class where I did reformer pilates which is an
insanely good workout. I then thought it was a perfect evening to walk through Richmond
park. It makes you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere and is completely breathtaking.

That is a brief summary of just one of many amazing days I have spent in London,
I hope you enjoyed it! View my online portfolio here. x